Scottish Terrier Club of Michigan, Inc. Rescue Program


Program Coordinator:

Regina Hess

The STCM has had a long-standing concern about the welfare of any Scottish Terrier that finds themselves in unfortunate situations requiring action to protect the health and safety of the dog.  The program exists to identify those Scotties that are in need of immediate assistance and to provide the security, medical care and eventual placement in the caring "forever" home to live out their lives.  We are particularly fortunate to have a group of individuals that make the rescue program a success.

If you are interested in providing a "Forever" home for a Scottie in our Rescue Program, please contact our Program Coordinator, Regina Hess. You will be required to fill out the Rescue Application & Questionnaire which you will find in the link below. 
Please be aware that we have not had a scottie come into our rescue in over two years.  One resource is to go to  Another resource is the Scottish Terrier Club of America on the breeders page.  Contact a breeder, in your area, and ask them if there is a possibility of them placing a retired show or retired breeding dog.