We would like to sincerely thank the following members for their generous donations to the

Rescue Fund,

Heath Trust Fund

& the General Fund

The Scottish Terrier Club of Michigan, Inc.

Board of Directors


Rescue Fund

Debbie Jones

Nan Wynn

Gary Ceisler

David & Jenny Isaacs

Patricia Clark

Diane Murray

Lynn Snuverink

Robert Tomczyk

Lester Stiner

Dawn Roffey

Marilee Clark


Health Fund

Robert Tomczyk

Diane Murray

Kimberly & Gary Stroede

Dawn Roffey


General Fund

James Lawrence

George Stoop

Marie Seymour-Green

Steve & Debi Russell

Cheryl Carpenter

Regina Hess

Nancy Hurren

Bill Klier

Dan & Elaine Mandreger

Diane Murray

Annamarie Blawat

Nancy Schaus

Robert Tomczyk

Michael & Ruth Joseph

Ron & Maurine McConnell

Charles Sayle