For 71 years,  members of the Scottish Terrier Club of Michigan have volunteered their time toward the improvement of our beloved breed.  Many members have volunteered countless hours in areas such as health, following genetic research,  Scottie Rescue and maintaining the conformation standard of our breed as stated by the AKC.

Each year a number of "at risk" Scotties are rescued and placed in new homes.  This is a continuing need.  Rescuing these Scotties often results in expenses greater than donations received from the adoptive homes.  

Please help us remain effective in these efforts.  All contributions, in any amount will be greatly appreciated and accepted with sincere thanks. 

The STCM makes yearly charitable donations toward research of health and genetic testing and to organizations involved with the protection, training and improvement of canine life.

To make a donation please click on the PayPal Donate link below or you may send a check.

Make Checks Payable to: STCM
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22158 Schweitzer Rd.
Centreville, MI. 49032

Thank You So Much!
Scotties Everywhere Thank You!

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