The Scottish Terrier Club of Michigan, Inc.
Membership Process


The Scottish Terrier Club of Michigan's membership process promotes "active membership" and "responsible sponsorship" as we encourage and promote the welfare and quality breeding of purebred Scottish Terriers and do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection. 

Attending several Club functions prior to application for membership is an excellent way to be introduced to the members of the STCM, it's Officers & Board of Directors and is recommended before making an application. 

Application requirements:


  • Fill out an application listing areas of club interest and participation
  • Sign the Code of Ethics and agree to abide by the Club's Constitution and Bylaws
  • Enclose a check made payable to the STCM for annual dues of $25.00
  • Become sponsored by two members in good standing (sponsors may not be from the same household)

Application, Dues, Code of Ethics and Letters of Recommendation are to be sent to the Club Corresponding Secretary for review by the Club's Officers and Board of Directors at the next scheduled Board Meeting. 

At that time, if accepted, the applicant will be granted membership on a temporary basis and the temporary membership will be reviewed at the next scheduled Board meeting for either final approval or rejection.  The application paperwork must be submitted within 90 days of Sponsors signatures.  


  • Please click here to download your membership application
  • Please click here to download the Code of Ethics
  • Please click here to download the Constitution and Bylaws