Scottish Terrier Club of Chicago: Bladder Cancer Screening Clinic

Bladder Cancer Screening Clinic 
For all Scotties Age 6 and older 

COST: $60.00 per Scottie for the first 70 registrations 
Cost includes a flash drive with scan image to take to your Vet 

$81.00 p/ scan after the first 70 registrations. 
WHEN: September 13, 2020 
10:00 A.M. to Finish 
WHERE: For Your K9 
706 Industrial Drive, Elmhurst IL 

Hosted by the Scottish Terrier Club of Chicago 
Early Registration is strongly recommended! 
To reserve your spot for this MOST important 
Scottish Terrier Health Screening. 
Call Beryl Gersch - 708-297-5980 

or email Carol Mallquist - 

“Bladder cancer (TCC) in our Scotties is a serious health problem. We need to beat this devastating dis- 
ease to the punch and detect it as early as we possibly can. Don’t wait until your Scottie is straining to 

urinate, passing bloody urine, and acting uncomfortable. By then, it may be too late to do much good 
at all.” Marcia Dawson DVM - STCA Health Trust Chair. 

Social Distancing and Masks will be required to enter building.

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